On November 8th at 8 AM TxMQ’s Disruptive Technology Group (TxMQ DTG) presented Buffalo’s very first Hashgraph meetup, held at the prestigious offices of Hodgson Russ, LLP. The morning started off with the Managing Director of Z80 Labs Jon Spitz, who was nice enough to lend a hand as MC as well as acting as a Moderator during the Hashgraph Panel Discussion. Jon, also a co-founder of Blockchain Buffalo, helped to set the tone for a morning of enthusiastic presentations, networking, and learning.

Craig Drabik, Technical Lead @ TxMQ DTG

Craig Drabik, Technical Lead of TxMQ DTG and one of the first developers to complete a working Pilot on Hashgraph, started off as lead presenter. Being that Hashgraph has yet to gain the popularity of its sister technology, Blockchain, Craig gave a 1,000 foot view of Hashgraph taking time to note some of the differences between the two Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Craig’s presentation was followed by, Bina Ramamurthy. If you don’t know Bina, you probably have someone in your IT department that learned a great deal from one of her engaging classes. Bina is a teaching professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University at Buffalo, as well as the Director of Blockchain ThinkLab.

Bina Ramamurthy presenting at Hashgraph Buffalo Event

Bina Ramamurthy teaching professor @ the UB

She came to speak about her profoundly popular Blockchain Specialization program on Coursera. As it turns out her program is one of the most sought after Blockchain, and DLT oriented courses available. In the short time that her course has been available, tens of thousands of people have already achieved the official certification offered after completion. Here’s a link to take a closer look what her course has to offer.

Following Bina, Dan Magnuszewski, Co-Founder & CTO at the nationally-renowned start-up ACV Auctions, drew from his personal experiences and spoke of the intricacies of making the decision to implement DLT, which is a question on any product or business leaders mind.

Dan Magnuszewski, Co-Founder & CTO @ ACV Auctions

The big point I took away from Dan’s presentation is, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. A great lesson for any leader, DLT is a great way to do a lot of things better, cheaper and faster, but in the wrong use case it will have contrary results.

Rounding out the presentation side of the Hashgraph Buffalo Event was Sam Marrazzo. Sam is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and Co-Organizer of UB’s first Blockchain Buildathon. Sam is certainly doing his part to help grow the local DLT community in WNY.

Sam Marrazzo, Chief Innovation Officer @ Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Drawing from his previous experience as the Associate Director of IT Business Solutions at Praxair, he spoke about the inherent auditability of a DLT solution and the current inefficiency of today’s existing ERP systems. Sam took us through just some of the challenges he has seen in the transportation and logistics industry in his time at Praxair and how Hashgraph and Blockchain are technologies poised to revolutionize how these business processes are currently run.

To end the event we held a very compelling and diverse panel discussion with Devon Rusinek, DLT Consultant at TxMQ DTG, Al Cutaia, Partner and Patent Attorney @ Hodgson Russ and Paul Neubecker, Chief Mechanism Designer at Secureware Technologies and Controller at Z80 Labs Technology Incubator. The panel spoke on topics ranging from IP patent law in the Distributed Ledger space, to the future of DLT in nationalized cryptocurrencies & cross-border transaction settlement clearance.

Hashgraph Pannel

At TxMQ, we would like to thank everyone that helped us put the event together, took time out of their busy schedules to present. Of course Hodgson Russ LLP deserves a special thank you for sponsoring and hosting the event for us.

The affinity for new ground-breaking technologies like Hashgraph, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of Buffalo, make Hashgraph and the WNY Technology community a great fit. If you’d like to join our local group please take some time to join here at the Hashgraph Buffalo Meetup page,  and don’t forget to follow the Group on Facebook Buffalo Hashgraph Meetup Group to stay up-to-date on all of our future events.


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