About TxMQ’s Disruptive Technology Group

Since 1979 TxMQ has been building, integrating, managing, supporting, and securing critical business systems and data.

In January of 2018 we paired our legacy expertise with our cloud forward thinking to create our Disruptive Technology Group.

Our Disruptive Technology Group was created to focus on building blockchain and distributed ledger applications across industries.

Distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain, have the potential to revolutionize how individuals and corporations transact electronically.

TxMQ’s Disruptive Technology Group was formed on the convergence of three key factors:

  1. CEO Chuck Fried’s ongoing passion for emerging technology and fostering its growth in the Western New York area.
  2. The identification of Craig Drabik, a local software architect and technical lead with over 20 years of experience to lead the division.
  3. The growing interest and rate of adoption for leveraging these technologies by TxMQ customers, both locally and across North America, to build custom solutions.


History of TxMQ, Inc.

  1. AUGUST 1979 TxMQ founded in Toronto

    TxMQ began its life in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1979. Geoff Fridd and Laurie Kochen, having retired from IBM, began supporting IBM’s large mainframe customers, in much the way that they did during their IBM years.
  2. SEPTEMBER 1999 TxMQ, Inc. formed in the US

    We are now headquartered in the United States to continue this mission of supporting large IBM customers.
  3. DECEMBER 2000 Current leadership took over

    In 2000, the current leadership joined the company, and expanded this mission to include support for customers of all sizes, regardless of their technology platform. This included the addition of a staffing division to help our customers personnel needs, and the expansion of the company’s reach across the United States.
    JANUARY 2018
    TxMQ’s Disruptive Technology Group was formed

    TxMQ created it’s newest division, dedicated to emerging technologies, like blockchain and distributed ledger.

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