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The Emergence of Hedera Hashgraph

On Tuesday March 13th, Hedera, a new public ledger foundation working in conjunction with and led by the team behind Swirlds, announced and demoed their brand new distributed ledger platform, Hedera Hashgraph, at an evening launch event in New York City. At the event,...

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A Crash Course in Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, cryptography, finance, supply chain management... These terms have been popularized in the media of late because they are associated with what’s known more broadly as distributed ledger technology....

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The Case for the Crypto Crash

“The Case for the Crypto Crash” was originally published January 16th, 2018 on TxMQ.com The Case for the Crypto Crash Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big supporter of, and believer in distributed ledger technology, or DLT. It has the potential to revolutionize...

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Economic Theory and Cryptocurrency

“Economic Theory and Cryptocurrency” was originally published December 12th, 2017 on ChuckFried.com with permission to repost here. Economic Theory and Cryptocurrency In a rational market, there are basic principles, which apply to the pricing and availability of...

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What Digital Cats Taught Us About Blockchain

"What Digital Cats Taught Us About Blockchain" was originally published December 8th, 2017 on TxMQ.com Given the number of cat pictures that the internet serves up every day, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that blockchain’s latest pressure-test involves digital...

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What is a Blockchain? Infographic

“What is a Blockchain? Infographic” was originally published June 15th, 2017 on TxMQ.com So, what is a blockchain? Before we dive into the What is a Blockchain? infographic, let me first explain why I created it. Or, you can simply scroll down to the infographic and...

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